Work With Me

Intuitive Support Sessions

For Clarity & Wellness

I do my best work when I am giving you my undivided attention and support through one-on-one sessions. I often use oracle cards to assist in gaining clarity about where you need the most focused support. In these sessions, I listen to your concerns & struggles and/or your revelations and achievements. I affirm and guide you through intuitive insights from spirit as well as knowledge I have gained through experience and study in the realm of relationships with the self, romantic partners, children and others whom you closely relate to. I give you my time, support  & encouragement as you move forward in the direction that you want to.

These sessions are $55 and include a reading and up to 25 minutes of communication about what is coming up for you. Sessions take place in the form of a live-chat through iMessage, Skype, Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts.

For Mothers seeking guidance on relationships with their children, there is a sliding scale. Bartering options may also be available depending on need and availability. Please contact me for more information.

My services are individualized, delivered from a place of purity and the highest intent. My clients are treated with the utmost respect, love and professionalism.

If you were lead here, it was not by coincidence. Should you feel guided to work with me, email me for more information and we’ll go from there.