I found Mila’s twitter account through a mutual follower and I was immediately drawn to her reading. I had never purchased any type of spiritual session over the Internet but I knew I needed guidance and I felt that intuitively, she was meant to give it to me. Not only was our session very detailed, but she spent the majority of the day messaging me back and forth to help me find absolute peace of mind and clarity from the reading.

A week after our first session, I felt that I needed more guidance, so I reached out to her again and I was equally (if not more) blown away by the clarity it brought me. Mila has an incredible and harmonious way with words. She is very nonjudgmental and easy to talk to. You can tell that she wants the best for her clients and that she goes above and beyond to make sure you end the session feeling confident in your relationship/whatever it is you are seeking guidance for.

She is also extremely in tune with her spiritual connections an every piece of information she gave me had huge amounts of meaning and depth. It felt like she was reading my soul like a book and helping me to realize the things I needed to work on in order to move forward. (Without even knowing. So wild!)

I highly recommend booking a reading with Mila, it will bring you the same clarity and relief it brought me when I was having problems with my relationship.