Mila was my first virtual reading ever. It was an amazing experience; her words were honest, provoked me to be so reflective; and the energy I felt as soon as we connected immediately put me at ease. There was so much discussion and interpretation of how to apply the reading practically. I loved every minute and will definitely be back.
I was especially impressed with how insightful you were; how you spoke to me of each part of the message and tied it all together. Some of it felt so familiar, it was as if I just being reminded of some things I’ve been overlooking and there was some that was like a wake-up call that had been building. I felt so comfortable with you and appreciated how everything was shared with me and explained, no mysterious or esoteric wanderings–on topic from start to finish and gave me the reassurance, the confirmation, and the encouragement to act on the knowledge you reawakened in me.
My life and relationships have improved dramatically since our reading (some, by way of ending 😉 ). This is an experience I would love to repeat and one I will be recommending!