My True Nature – Making Peace With & Committing to My Path

Each one of us comes to earth to fulfill a certain purpose. How we do that can happen in many ways depending on the type of person we are and how we choose to engage with the process of life.
I’m naturally introverted and I need to be by myself a considerate amount of time to introspect. With that time, I learn about myself by analyzing my thoughts and habits and researching my human design. I pray, seek guidance from my Creator and connect with my ancestors. I rest, do things that bring me happiness and just try to use every moment to gain understanding about what i’m meant to be doing and securing inner peace along my path.
I also try to find ways to speed up my personal process.
I’ve spent a lot of time trying to rush my journey. Trying to make things happen on the timeline that I want. It goes against my nature to do what it takes to make those things happen and it’s because I require a lot of time & life experience in order to fulfill my duties here on this planet. Not the duties my family and the general public think I should be fulfilling. The ones that are apart of my specific purpose. It requires the people in my life to be very patient with me and ironically, patience is something I don’t have a lot of.
 But like this tree, I can only flourish and give what I’m meant to give to the world as time goes by, with nurturing and patience. I can only impart wisdom and create effective change after I experience trial and error, do the necessary research and overstand how to use what I’ve learned. Once I do that, then I can give that hard-earned knowledge and support to others.
That is my service to the world. That’s my calling. While I have some ideas about how that will come about, there’s so much I don’t know and can’t know at this point of my life. I can only follow my heart and the guidance I’m given throughout my journey to see how that will come to pass. Some people will define me by my failures. Some won’t respect my process. Sometimes it will be difficult for me to respect my nature and stay true to my path in lieu of trying to do what makes sense to other people.
I cannot force my growth to happen at the rate of people around me. I will have to put in a lot of time before I reach my true potential. This is something I am starting to accept and make peace with. I have to be patient with myself, trust my journey and love who I am at every stage of my life, no matter what. Otherwise I will be too overcome with bitterness to make the right choices and be open to receiving my blessings.
Not everyone who reads this will have the same journey as me. But perhaps it will inspire you to stay true to your own journey. After all, isn’t that what life is about?