The Price of Self-Worth

featured image: Heroic Concepts

Over time, Mila’s Universe has undergone many transformations because like DJ Khaled, I changed a lot. When I first started this site, I did so to document my thoughts as I officially embarked on my journey as an entrepreneur. That turned into documenting how my spirituality was influencing my business. Then that turned into me creating a wealth of content centered on self-love. And then somehow I ended up giving readings to people with oracle cards and talking heavily on the subjects of spirituality, personal development and relationships. It’s been as eclectic and chaotic as one’s early 20s should be, honestly.  I’ve explored so many different aspects of myself and my talents through Mila’s Universe and I don’t plan on stopping.

As I return to this space to share what I have to offer, self love is a topic that is very important for me at this point in my journey. Specifically self-worth. Mila’s Universe was born because of my entrepreneurial goals: to earn a living in a way that enabled my freedom and creativity instead of restricting it. On the surface, my intentions were totally understandable. But as much as I have learned, gained and given, I have to be real: my drive for success has lead me down a path of toxic ambition, further blinding me to the inner conflict that needs to be resolved before I can move to the next chapter of my life.

The truth is, I’m a late bloomer. (I have a lot of Saturn influence in my birth chart) I move at a slow pace and I’ve always tried to change that about myself (hence the inner conflict). I look around and see my peers and the people in my life with petals that I don’t have yet, internalizing the differences between us and the things society constantly tells me I should have by now. This perception of what is important leads me to trying to rush my growth process and of course, I am met with resistance. I’m only now realizing what really needs my attention: understanding & unapologetically acknowledging my value and my worth even when I am not successful or accomplished in the ways that other people are. Casting away the guilt and the shame that create blockages and limiting beliefs which slow me down even more.

I feel it’s important that I share my feelings and experiences on this subject for two reasons: One, I need to express myself and get out of my head about what I’m dealing with. And two, if anyone else is going through something similar, it could be helpful to see that you aren’t alone. Maybe you being a late bloomer doesn’t have to do with issues of self-worth. Our patterns and struggles are personal and individual. But if I can inspire you to look at your situation differently and look a little deeper into why you have these challenges, then I’ve done my job.


One thing late bloomers require is a lot of support. It could be moral support, financial support, or educational support while they undergo the process of learning certain lessons, believing in themselves or gaining self-sufficiency. I’m highlighting the support aspect in my work much more. I know that I will be able to offer guidance to a degree. But more than anything, what I’m naturally good at is giving people the support, encouragement and nurturing they need to feel empowered to walk their path and do what is best for them.

To wrap this up, I am glad to be embracing the transformations and revelations Mila’s Universe is seeing me through. I hope that you are embracing your transformations and revelations as well. When are able to love ourselves unconditionally, we can spread love in ways we can’t even imagine.