Why Happiness is My Top Priority

I have recently realized that my main priority is to be happy. It’s taken some time for me to get to this point and understand what that means for me. My happiness being my top priority doesn’t mean I don’t understand the importance of other things. Because at the end of the day, my family and my work, these things that are “supposed” to take the most precedence in my life ultimately depend on my overall wellness and yes, my happiness. I cannot do my best in these aspects of life if I’m not right within. These parts of my life also cannot sustain my happiness on their own. My family and work do contribute to my happiness a great deal. But the key word here is contribute. I am not happy because of success in my work or other people. I had to cultivate it myself from within at a time when I honestly felt like I had very little to be happy about.
Because I know i am deserving of the best in life, I have the expectation of experiencing love and positive engagement from people in my life. I still have the expectation of being fulfilled through my work, receiving money and things that enhance my quality of life. But more than anything, my happiness is about me being authentically who I am and doing what I want to do. Every day. However that looks in any given moment. Making choices that are in line with what bring me joy and bliss. I am getting to the point where I trust myself so much that I know whenever I make choices in line with what feels right to me, it will not jeopardize anything else in my life.
I think this is hard for a lot of people to process because fulfilling certain responsibilities and tasks that have to be done don’t that make them happy, ye they still must be done. This is a fair assessment, seeing as we were put on this earth to experience many things, not just happiness alone. However, I find that the point of it all is working our way back to love, joy, happiness, fulfillment when we are experiencing emotions that are lower on the emotional scale. Finding ways to come back to the bliss. And not just returning to the same level of it, but exploring the vast ways that we can experience bliss while we are here.
I wholeheartedly believe when we are at our most joyful, our most blissful, that is when we are closest to God. This is why the saying “Put God first” makes complete sense to me. Making God the top priority is making my happiness the top priority.
 Many people are under the impression that in order to have the family, to have the success and good quality life, you have to sacrifice things that make you happy. And maybe for some people, that is their story. But it’s not mine. Sacrifices must be made, yes. Everything comes with a price. However, more often than not, what I find I must sacrifice are the things that are no longer in line with who I am in order to make room for the improved version. So what am I really losing? The old, outdated version in lieu of the upgraded version? That is a sacrifice i am willing to make, even if it is challenging. I realize I am not giving up what makes ME happy. I’m giving up what contributed to old me being happy so that who I am now can receive what will more effectively contribute to my happiness NOW.
When I am happy, I feel good. I am well. I spread joy to others and am in a better place to care for others. I do well in my work. When I am happy, there is a balance that I would otherwise be struggling to a achieve if I opted to neglect myself, my needs and my joy.
That is why my happiness is my top priority.