Love, Life & Purpose

One of my most vivid and beloved memories happened a couple of years ago. It was short and sweet, but it filled me with so much joy I could never forget it.

One evening, my children and I came to my love’s house to visit him. His daughter was there, too. The kids had to be no older than 2, 3 & 4. (My daughter the two year old, his daughter the three year old and my son, the eldest at four). My partner checked his daughter’s backpack to see if she had homework to complete from her preschool and she did. We gathered in one of the bedrooms, all five of us. After he took out his daughter’s work, he retrieved the workbook I had gotten my son to work on printing his letters and numbers.

Before long we had a makeshift classroom with the kiddie table and chair set and the two eldest children practicing their writing. We guided and helped them as they needed it. My two year old participated by identifying the letters she knew. It was the most organic, magical thing I’d ever witnessed and been apart of. I felt like my heart was filled up completely. Being in the company of the man I loved, teaching our children together…It just felt right in a way I can’t even articulate.

During the writing exercise my son asked if he could do something or other. Play, watch tv, something like that. And my partner said “When you finish this line, yes you can. Cuz when you do what you need to do, then you can do what you want to do”. His eyes shifted to me and he smiled widely as we shared a long look. He and I had just been discussing this. About how we had to build a solid foundation to grow and how we had to do what we needed to do in order to do what we wanted. And in that moment, it was as if the lesson had come full circle. He looked so happy. I felt so happy. So grateful to be in that moment. So proud of us all.

I hadn’t thought about this moment in a very long time, until recently. A couple of weeks ago I started getting very clear messages from spirit and directly from people about working with children. This was nothing new. My love had suggested I tutor children a few months ago and even before that, I could feel the pull of children outside of just my own asking for my energy and guidance.

My audience and community online only got as big as it did due to what I shared and documented on my journey as a mother. I got the inspiration to start my maternity & birth photography business after yet another a photo of my daughter went viral. My children have always been very instrumental in my joy, fulfillment and success. They are what has connected me to so much of what has nourished me and helped me to be of service to others.
So when I started to get the messages to teach and work with children and mothers, it felt like a gentle message from God saying “You’re ready”.  I was inspired by a friend of mine to look into some academic work that called out to me. I found a free Harvard course that dissects theories of learning and how they manifest in the learning sector. Originally, I began taking it simply to better understand learning so that I could better assist my children as I homeschool them. But as the messages about teaching and children poured in and I got deeper into the coursework, it became so much more.

It’s been like watching the pieces of this amazing puzzle come together. Why I had my children when I did. Why I had them before I met the man whom my heart is one with. The same man whose vision for a loving, sustainable community aligns so much with my own and how big of a role our children have played in our relationship & growth in order to develop this vision.
When life is happening, you may not know why you’re saying yes to certain things. Why you’re taking certain actions. Why you’re feeling pulled towards certain walks of life. But one day you will start to see the bigger picture. And you’ll be glad you said yes to all the things that made no sense at the time.