Unconditional Love: What It Feels Like

‪I feel like i am just now really understanding what it means to be in a relationship with a man and share unconditional love. ‬‪The realization feels somewhat sudden. I feel a sense of contentment that doesn’t erase my desire for more. I desire, yet I don’t have a single expectation of how this man should fulfill what I desire. I truly feel like loving someone unconditionally is the most spiritual thing I can do. And it seems like the closer you are to someone, the easier that would be. But in truth, the closer we are, the closer we are to their flaws. The closer we are, the more we feel entitled to them, if we haven’t yet mastered how to love without attachment. I’ve discovered that and now I’ve moved past that because it simply doesn’t resonate with me anymore.

It feels so peaceful to be in this place. To give love from such a pure place within myself. This is what I have been working towards. This is what so much of my inner work has been about. Loving myself without condition, which in turn enables me to love another without condition…which in turn allows me to give AND receive love without limitation.

And the trust…It feels so damn good to trust someone as much as I trust him. And more than that, it feels so good to trust myself. To trust that I’m making the right choices for myself. To trust in the divinity of how my life is unfolding  so much that I honor it by giving the most precious thing I have to offer away for free…It feels amazing. So often trust is talked about like this thing that people want to have with someone, but don’t get it. Almost as if they are desperate for it, especially when it’s being discussed in regard to romantic relationships. I’ve been there before as well and know what it’s like. So the energy around that word in this context is so often very low vibrational. When in my opinion, it shouldn’t be. Because trust is this amazing thing. It feels dope to be so grounded in the trust that I have in him, in myself, in our journey. It makes loving so much more fun. To not have to worry about that. To know that I’m loving him unconditionally, not despite the fact that I can’t trust him. But I get to add that to the list of reasons why loving him is such a privilege. 

Loving unconditionally + trust also helps me to be much less controlling. It’s helping me to simply await what is already coming instead of nervously trying to fill in the gap between when I want something and when I have it. Me naturally being a woman who likes to be on the receiving end and having a man who is very take charge & action-oriented, it just helps the flow of things between us.

My perspective on everything concerning my relationship and love has shifted so much recently. I feel like this space that I’m in…this is the space where anything is possible. That has always been the case. In fact, I’ve always been in this space of love without limits because he has always loved me unconditionally, without limits. But for so long my fears deluded me into thinking I was elsewhere.

It’s the most aligned I’ve ever felt. The most peace. This feels like the truth. And it’s true what they say: the truth will set you free.