The Power Of Gratitude & How It Can Transform Your Relationship

I’ve been reading a book called The Magic for a few weeks now. It’s all about gratitude and how to apply it with daily practices in order to magically change your life for the better. I have to say, since I am on Day 20, I have definitely seen the magical results. I want to share my experience with using gratitude and how it has affected my relationship with my beloved.

Gratitude is a natural healer for many things, including relationships. For me, it was really very simple to start utilizing and to notice the difference. I had always said I was grateful for things my partner did for me and grateful for him in general. But the part I was missing was feeling the gratitude fully. Without guilt, without it being a prerequisite before asking for something else…I had never just sat with the gratitude I felt for him. So although it was there, I wasn’t utilizing it to its highest potential.

Once I started reading this book, I realized all the times I uttered the words “I’m grateful, but…”, I had canceled out the magic being able to work for me in my life and in my relationship. It was kind of a hard pill to swallow, but I swallowed it and got on with using gratitude the right way. Gratitude helped me to do something I had done, but hadn’t really perfected, which was focusing on what I had and not focusing on what I felt I lacked within the relationship. By doing this, my entire perspective changed. It wasn’t that I no longer wanted the things I didn’t have. But I was no longer in a vibration of lack. Instead, I was in a vibration of abundance because my focus was on what I had been blessed with. Which, if you’ve read this post, you probably know I’ve been blessed with a LOT within my relationship.

Once I began to think, write and focus upon what I was truly grateful for that my partner had given me, the energy around my relationship went from good to great. Surprise shopping trips and more quality time ensued. It was like…magic. Lol.  It didn’t happen from me nagging or making my partner feel guilty about what he wasn’t doing. It happened through my truly appreciating him and everything he has done & currently does for me. Being on that frequency, I felt no quips about asking for what I wanted. And no problem getting it either 🙂

There have been times in my relationship where I wanted something so badly and it seemed like no matter what, I could not get what I wanted from him, when I wanted it. Despite how much he was doing for me, I couldn’t be satisfied. This made me frustrated and it made me feel bad for wanting more than what I was being given. And because of the Universe’s divine timing, when I wanted something, he was not available to give it to me. It was the cosmic tug of war that eventually lead me to self-evaluation and more individual growth. It lead me out of my ego, away from entitlement & attachment and into a clear view of why it was so hard for me to feel satisfied.

I came to understand that the reason it was such a struggle to get what I wanted from him was because I was not a vibrational match for what I wanted. As I became more aligned with the experiences and things I wanted to manifest within my relationship, it was so easy for me to have them. Gratitude was one of the major keys that assisted me in shifting my vibration to one that was aligned with me receiving what I so desired to have in my relationship. So if you are in the vibration of lack in any manner as it relates to your relationship (feeling like your partner isn’t doing enough for you & with you), I invite you to use a couple of the gratitude practices I used to take my feelings about my relationship from good to great. If you aren’t in the vibration of lack within your relationship, this is still great to put in practice as most of us forget to be grateful until we realize we’re being ungrateful. So if you haven’t gotten there yet, this is a great way to stay ahead of the curve! This is a mix of some of the practices I have done so far.

Write down ten things you are really grateful for about your partner. If you can think of more than ten, don’t stop there! I literally had to stop myself, I was writing so many things lol. Locate a picture of your beloved, one of just them or of you two together. Once you are done making the list of things you are grateful for, focus on the picture of them (or yall) & read them out loud. After each one, say ‘Thank You’. Before you say ‘Thank You’, get as in tune with your heart as you can. Really feel the gratitude in your heart. Tip: Before you even start making the list, massage your chest for a few minutes to help activate your heart chakra & put on some of your favorite love songs in the background just to help get you in the right frequency!

To make sure you stay in the vibration of gratitude as it relates to your partner, you can use this practice on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. Try to find new things to be grateful for each time you write the list! Gratitude has been such a great tool in making my relationship more blissful. I hope you try the practice and it helps you, too.
Peace & Love



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