How To Become Your Best Self By Feeling Like Your Best Self

When you think about the best version of yourself, what’s the first thing you think of? How she looks? How she dresses? How much money she has? Don’t get me wrong, all of these things are important to a certain degree.  For instance, when you first leave the salon with your hair freshly styled, you might feel different from when you walked in. This is one example of how physical things can be tied to how you feel and part of why we invest in them.  Of course, material things will not always facilitate you feeling good. There are so many people who look like a million bucks on the outside and are literally in the negative on the inside. The first thing they’ll say is “I have all of this [material wealth], but inside I’m empty. Hurting. Lonely.”

Point being, at the end of the day, it’s all about the feelings. When you think about the best version of yourself, if you haven’t already, I want you to think about how she feels. As a matter of fact, you can do this right now (or come back and do it later if you choose–but really, why not now?)

Grab a pen & paper or just open up somewhere to type on your computer or mobile device.

How does your best self feel? Is she happy? Confident? Stress-free? Excited about her life?

Even if the best version of yourself has material things you can’t presently afford or a physical person in their life that you don’t currently have, there is one thing that she and you have in common: the ability to feel, think & believe. Meaning you can start transforming into your best self right now if you start tapping into the way your best self feels. How to do this? Let’s start with getting clear on how you feel right now and go from there.

Take your pen and paper and write down how you feel currently and what feelings have been prevalent or recurring for you lately. Be honest. Whatever words come to mind that describe how you feel or have been feeling lately, write them down.

Compare them to the way your best self feels. There may be a drastic contrast between the two. Don’t be discouraged. Feelings change. The key thing you need to understand is that you don’t need access to anything external to feel differently. Your best self doesn’t feel happy because she has a boyfriend. She doesn’t feel confident because she has a bangin’ body or expensive clothes. She embodies these feelings because she chooses to: just like you can choose to right now.

One way you can choose to embody these feelings is by doing affirmations. I’m not telling you that the key to feeling better is just saying you feel better. That’s bullshit and I wouldn’t feed that to you even in a blog post like this that you’re reading for free. But there is such a thing as speaking things into existence. And it’s a damn good way to start. At first you may feel silly or like you’re lying to yourself. It may feel uncomfortable because you’re accustomed to feeling like the you that you are right now. But if you want to feel like your best self, you need to get comfortable at least speaking like she would.

Maybe saying “I feel happy” seems too out of reach. If you really feel sad, you can say something like: “I am moving closer to true happiness with every passing moment”. Saying this affirmation everyday, several times a day if you’re really about that life will help you move closer to happiness and thus, closer to feeling like your best self. By doing something this simple you are becoming your best self. You can find more affirmations like this all over the internet. Even if you do start off with this example that I’ve given you or find others to use, at some point, I encourage you to write your own affirmations. No words will empower you like your own!

If your best self is confident, choose one thing that you associate with confidence and intentionally do that as often as you can. It could be changing your posture to one that you associate with confidence. Not to be rigid, but comfortable, yet poised. If your best self is excited about life, make plans to do something you really want to do! Plan to take yourself on a picnic date at the park. Get on Groupon and get a deal on an art class or a dance class. Check out the movies that are coming out & make plans to go see the one that piques your interest the most. Book your ticket in advance.

Taking the initiative to do these kinds of things help shift you on to the same vibration your best self is on. When you start to move closer to the happiness and confidence and excitement she feels, you are becoming her. Because you’re feeling the way she does. And you didn’t wait on anything external to come and “make” you feel that way. You started with what you have within: your mind and your heart and you chose to help yourself feel the way you want to feel.

With that, I invite you to feel all the feels as you travel this galaxy.

Peace & Love

x Mila



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